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The Last Mile

In the world of ecommerce, customers want two things: faster shipping times and cheaper prices. As companies compete along these two metrics, squeezed margins force new innovations in efficiency. “Your margin is my opportunity,” Jeff Bezos famously said, and Amazon has indeed pushed the envelope in developing a logistics model that sets the standard. But

read more changed the retail landscape with its obsessive focus on delivering products from its distribution centers to the customer’s doorstep as quickly and efficiently as possible. Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery guarantee became the most visible element in the battle for the last mile of the supply chain. Yet it is what Amazon is doing to get

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Almost two decades into the 21st century, there is no doubt that e-commerce has radically and permanently altered the retail landscape for U.S. companies. But there is also no debate that e-commerce and mobile e-commerce are redefining what it actually means to be a U.S. company. In other words, even the smallest local store today

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E-commerce is massively competitive, with so many different marketing tactics out there nowadays- it’s a confusing landscape. And it’s hard to know what’s right- and what’s a waste of your time and money. No problem. Here are three smart hacks to let your business etch a mark and have your customers coming back for more: Focus

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