Transport + Analytics Redefined.

FleetOptics provides Dedicated Fleet Customers with Final-Mile Logistics and Analytic Transportation Solutions.

Proprietary web based technologies - FleetOptics Access - offer a turn-key solution that requires no additional investment or integration with your current operating platform.

We Offer A Complete Suite Of Services.

By combining the transparent accuracy of analytic data with Final-Mile Logistics Services, we provide our customers
a more efficient way to manage the entire delivery process and reduce overall costs.

Business To Business Solutions

FleetOptics B2B improves your bottom line by reducing your order-to-delivery time, offering same and next day services. A transparent process gives your CSR department visibility to your products journey with a focused end-user experience - ultimately moving inventory faster.

Business To Consumer Solutions

FleetOptics B2C works closely with Retailers to ensure their direct-to-home customers receive the best customer experience possible. Gone are the days of waiting for a delivery. FleetOptics tells the consumer the exact time we will arrive and update them when things change.

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